Swallow that cough away

Recently going on holiday visiting a friend Luzia who I'd taught yoga 33 years ago, seeing first time since she moved to France 11 years ago. Having boarding my flight to Poitier, sitting comfortably in my seat. When just before take off a lady sat next to me who started coughing endlessly. I was not so worried about catching her germs, as it was a dry cough, but was more bothered by her discomfort.

Sitting in close proximity soon after take off I casually mentioned, "You have a nasty cough." She replied, "Yes I caught it in England looking after my grandchildren. I shall go to the doctors as soon as I get home to get some antibiotics.” I could not help comment "I do not like such medicine I believe in more natural methods." She looked at me with intrigue and raised eyebrows.

I continued to explain how swallowing hard rather than coughing could help stop feeling the need to cough. Because every time you cough a message gets sent to the brain to create more saliva which in turn causes us to cough. She chuckled and laid her head back on the headrest.

The short flight was soon over - 75 minutes in total - and we were instructed to remove our seat belts. I realised I'd not heard her cough more than twice since we spoke. So I commented on this and she looked round at me with a smile saying, "It worked I haven't felt the need to cough anymore.” I was so pleased to be assured that natural methods can work so quickly and well!

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Guidance and Support

The YOU & ME Yoga system of sound colour and Whole-Body-Movement is a very effective yoga system for persons with learning disabilities. Evidence shows that staff and parents can practice this regularly together for mutual benefit and progress.

To acquire further yoga knowledge, skills and confidence to teach this clientele Maria Gunstone welcomes you to address your learning needs and send her your questions for guidance and support.

Training and teaching materials readily available:  http://www.youandmeyoga.com/overview/
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Yoga on the Train

The other night I was sitting on the train reading my notes when a middle aged man sat next to me. After a while, he asked me what I was reading. I told him it was notes from a lecture I’d attended at British Library on blogging.

He cringed saying, “Oh I don’t like the computer, it’s all beyond me. Those of us older ones haven’t got a clue. Youths today know it all. I don’t stand a chance, they’re all better and clever than I’ll ever be.”

I agreed youngsters have a head start with IT from a very young age, but they don’t have the wisdom we gain over the years. “So what do you mean by wisdom he asked.” I explained regardless of whose right or wrong the main thing is getting along with one another in the best way possible is the art and wisdom of Life. To my surprise he quickly grasped my meaning respectfully.

He went on to ask what I do for a living. I told him I am a yoga teacher and author of several books on yoga for special needs. After a few more personal questions about why yoga, he then asked me to give him a freebie of some yoga. I immediately took the opportunity to show him how to do diaphragmatic breathing and the alternate nostril breathing. I’m pleased to say he loved it and said he would definitely practice it again.

It was such good timing as we were pulling into my station, so I bide him farewell and wished him well with his yoga practice. I felt such a sense of purpose and joy to have shared yoga on a busy train with this stranger. If only we were able to do yoga together with other passengers it would make our journey in life much more enjoyable. Just a thought.
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Yoga within my community

These days when I come in contact with someone who has an ailment of some kind, I find I am automatically thinking of a yoga technique that may relieve and assist heal such. In most cases I have been able to inform the person with a view of some future feedback.

Coming soon in this blog, will be tips for many different types of peoples’ aliments as well as for the special needs’ community.

Maria Gunstone, Author of YOU & ME Yoga
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"I have seen great improvements in the students' abilities in the following areas: balance, strength, coordination, body awareness, breath control, posture control, relaxation skills, and social skills.”
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