Trainee Yoga Teacher's Testimonial

Gary Walshe with his YOU & ME Yoga modular training materials

I recently received my YOU & ME training materials, which consists of the 3 levels. I was initially impressed by each level's individual colourful folders and the bright, positive imagery within each module. Upon taking a deeper look into the contents of the programme, I was amazed by the amount of extensive information given through a variety of mediums i.e. audio-visual elements, workbooks, colour coding with fantastic illustrations, instruction cards, extensive case studies within the textbooks and the reproducible activity sheets. It appears that absolutely every angle is covered within the content, in supporting all individuals’ capabilities and clear instructions on how to devise person centred yoga programmes for each individual.

From the outset I was looking for a method of combining a number of my personal interest including: Yoga, Art, Creativity and my Career in working with individuals with both physical and intellectual disabilities. While I had experience teaching yoga to people from a mild to moderate range of intellectual disability, I struggled greatly with even considering teaching yoga to people with severe autism or extreme challenging behaviour. Upon further research I found Maria Gunstone and was immediately drawn to her, because of her own personal life story and her studies in India, as I hold a great connection with the country. I felt this was somewhat serendipitous and synchronised. I was in the early stages of planning my trip to India to explore a method of incorporating Yoga and Disability. I was then however very lucky to encounter Maria Gunstone's YOU & ME Yoga System. I now feel I have a positive guide with an array of experience who will assist me with this new journey. She is exactly what the disabilities sector in Ireland needs at this time and in the future.

I am now beginning my studies and am currently reading "The Origin of the YOU & ME Yoga System". Maria writes from the heart in an open, honest and loving manner that is truly inspiring. Her words invoke memories of my early experiences, why I began my path in yoga, the incredible lessons that I learned on that path and also from each of my masters. I am thoroughly excited about continuing my journey with my new inspirational teacher, Maria Gunstone.

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"I have seen great improvements in the students' abilities in the following areas: balance, strength, coordination, body awareness, breath control, posture control, relaxation skills, and social skills.”
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