Mindfully Calming

Having so much energy, tirelessly leaping all over the place is a characteristic of my 3 year old hyperactive nephew. An idea came to mind for helping him calm down with this saying I was brought up with 'To have 40 Winks’.

So when he eventually laid down I asked him to blink, which he did with a cheeky smile while imitating me. I then told him we were going to have 40 winks and continued with, ‘1 wink’ and he blinked not just once but at least four times. ‘2 winks’ he of course blinked several times. ‘3 winks, 4, 5, 6...’ However, we did actually make it to 19 winks before he started to get restless.

Time was in fact an hour before his bedtime, so we laughed as he got up from the bed and went into the living room to watch a video. He did shortly after watching it very calmly fall asleep!

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"I have seen great improvements in the students' abilities in the following areas: balance, strength, coordination, body awareness, breath control, posture control, relaxation skills, and social skills.”
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