Swallow that cough away

Recently going on holiday visiting a friend Luzia who I'd taught yoga 33 years ago, seeing first time since she moved to France 11 years ago. Having boarding my flight to Poitier, sitting comfortably in my seat. When just before take off a lady sat next to me who started coughing endlessly. I was not so worried about catching her germs, as it was a dry cough, but was more bothered by her discomfort.

Sitting in close proximity soon after take off I casually mentioned, "You have a nasty cough." She replied, "Yes I caught it in England looking after my grandchildren. I shall go to the doctors as soon as I get home to get some antibiotics.” I could not help comment "I do not like such medicine I believe in more natural methods." She looked at me with intrigue and raised eyebrows.

I continued to explain how swallowing hard rather than coughing could help stop feeling the need to cough. Because every time you cough a message gets sent to the brain to create more saliva which in turn causes us to cough. She chuckled and laid her head back on the headrest.

The short flight was soon over - 75 minutes in total - and we were instructed to remove our seat belts. I realised I'd not heard her cough more than twice since we spoke. So I commented on this and she looked round at me with a smile saying, "It worked I haven't felt the need to cough anymore.” I was so pleased to be assured that natural methods can work so quickly and well!

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